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Sheridan Inform

This package is ideally suited to new ventures and smaller businesses. We work closely with you to build a long term relationship, giving you the advantage of linking with our experience, knowledge and contacts to enhance your business.

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Sheridan Involve

This package is ideally suited to small to medium sized business, who want to be more involved and aware of their current financial position. Being more involved in your business, tracking its current performance and results.

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Sheridan Inspire

This package is ideally suited to business owners who want to create or build a successful business.

Sheridan Inspire is designed specifically to help business owners turn their business dreams into reality.


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Management Accounts

One the most important parts of our service, is the preparation of management accounts. Management accounts can help you make timely and meaningful management decisions about your business.

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Business Growth

The main aim of your annual business plan is to set out the strategy and action plan for your business. This should include a clear financial picture of where you stand - and expect to stand - over the coming year.

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Tax Planning

Tax legislation is becoming ever more complex and the need for specialist tax advice is becoming increasingly important for both businesses and individuals.

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Anywhere there is innovation it is worth checking, to see if you could make an Research and Development claim.

You may be able to benefit from R&D Tax Relief!